carry'd away, aye...

Been having a bit o' fun ordering stuff on Amazon, using some retirement $$$ that I had deposited into me bank account. Now that I am old and can't get around easily due to arthritis and tendonitis, I spend moft of me life in my living room armchair, reading and watching telly. I've been having a rather dismal morning trying to watch ye 2015 film version of Poltergeist, a ghost film I find singularly lacking in atmosphere. Thankfully, ye poftman just saved me by delivering to-day's haul:
dvd of Shakespeare's TWELFTH NIGHT--LIVE FROM STRATFORD-UPON-AVON; two-disc special edition of the film SOUTH PACIFIC; ye book HENRY JAMES, OSCAR WILDE AND AESTHETIC CULTURE by Michele Mendelssohn; audio cd of music from ye original DARK SHADOWS tv series; ye mystery novel SWAN SONG by Edmund Crispin; special edition dvds of ye films MY FAIR LADY and THE SOUND OF MUSIC; dvd of Hammer Film's THE MUMMY (1959); the hammer horror series dvd featuring ye films BRIDES OF DRACULA, THE CURSE OF THE WEREWOLF, THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, PARANOIAC, THE KISS OF THE VAMPIRE, NIGHTMARE, NIGHT CREATURES (I remember seeing that one at ye local cinema as a wee lad and being freak'd by a pool or lake filled with eyeballs); ye book DYLAN THOMAS by Walford Davies; and ye dvd of SET FIRE TO THE STARS, a film with Elijah Wood poetraying Dylan Thomas. 

So if I don't poft online for a few days ye know why...


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