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Titan Blur

Above are ye jackets for ye first nine volumes in the LOVECRAFT LIBRARY from PS Publishing , featuring ye artwork of Pete Von Sholly, who is also ye editor for the series. The first nine volumes are already in print, and the last three are forthcoming. I have written new essays for these volumes: THE HAUNTER OF THE DARK; THE THING ON THE DOORSTEP;THE CALL OF CTHULHU; THE COLOUR OUT OF SPACE; THE WHISPERER IN DARKNESS;THE SHADOW OUT OF TIME; and an old fanzine essay of mine was reprinted in ye DUNWICH volume. I love these wee books more than I can say, and have a special place for their in a shelf right beside my writing table. I want to keep them close, to fondle and adore them. It's a delightful experience, to read again these wonderful stories by Lovecraft, and while reading to turn a page and find a colorful illustration portraying the scene one has just devour'd.  I love  reading critical essays. I think this came about from being such a Shakespeare nut since my high