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Grandpa's Influence Continues

My favourite Lovecraftian fiction series continues with ye newly-releas'd Black Wings V  from PS Publishing. Editor S. T. Joshi has selected a fascinating collection of weird tales that are original examples of how modern weird authors continue to pay homage to Ye Gentleman from Providence.  Contents Introduction, S. T. Joshi Plenty of Irem, Jonathan Thomas Diary of a Sane Man, Nicole Cushing The Woman in the Attic, Robert H. Waugh Far from Any Shore, Caitlin R. Kiernan In Blackness Etched, My Name, W. H. Pugmire Snakeladder, Cody Goodfellow The Walker in the Night, Jason C. Eckhardt In Bloom, Lynne Jamneck The Black Abbess, John Rippion The Quest, Mollie L Burleson A Question of Blood, David Hambling Red Walls, Mark Howard Jones The Organ of Chaos, Donald Tyson Seeds of the Gods, Donald R. Burleson Fire Breeders, Sunni K Brock Casting Fractals, Sam Gafford The Red Witch of Chorazin, Darrell Schweitzer The Oldies, Nancy Kilpatrick Voodoo, Stephen Woodworth