Thursday, February 4, 2016


So, this is too typical of me. I totally forgot about writing this book and recording this video! I found it again quite by accident, because of Bobby Derie's new posting regarding Henry S. Whitehead. Whitehead was buddies with H. P. Lovecraft and the author of a number of cool vodou stories, many of which were publish'd in Weird Tales. Such is my admiration for Whitehead and his weird fiction that, on a whim, I based a character on him for my story, "Ye Unkempt Thing," whut was included in my last book, Monstrous Aftermath. My character was named Reverend Henry St. Clair, author of ye book Midnight Din and other Weird Stories. Well, at ye moment I am trying to write new stories for a collection of Enoch Coffin stories that I'm doing with Jeffrey Thomas, and I thought, hmmm, let's write a story called "Midnight Din." So I went to Google to see if anyone had already used that title, because quite often I find that a character name I come up with, or a story title, has already been used by someone else. So I did a search on "Midnight Din" and, lo!, there was my video! Oh yeah, I was gonna write this totally gay book of weird fiction. Seem;d a fun idea at ye time, and then the more I thought about it I changed my mind, thinking it wou'd result in a rather stupid, trivial collection. But I still like that story title, so I have decided to try and write a story with that title for ye new Enoch book. 

My initial plan was that this 2nd book of Enoch Coffin stories would not be Lovecraftian--but I'm beginning to see that Lovecraft's spectre seems to taint everything I intend to write to some degree. So be it. I hope soon to be able to announce that I have actually written one or two of ye new tales.

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