Friday, March 4, 2016

Titan Blur

Above are ye jackets for ye first nine volumes in the LOVECRAFT LIBRARY from PS Publishing, featuring ye artwork of Pete Von Sholly, who is also ye editor for the series. The first nine volumes are already in print, and the last three are forthcoming. I have written new essays for these volumes: THE HAUNTER OF THE DARK; THE THING ON THE DOORSTEP;THE CALL OF CTHULHU; THE COLOUR OUT OF SPACE; THE WHISPERER IN DARKNESS;THE SHADOW OUT OF TIME; and an old fanzine essay of mine was reprinted in ye DUNWICH volume. I love these wee books more than I can say, and have a special place for their in a shelf right beside my writing table. I want to keep them close, to fondle and adore them. It's a delightful experience, to read again these wonderful stories by Lovecraft, and while reading to turn a page and find a colorful illustration portraying the scene one has just devour'd. 

I love reading critical essays. I think this came about from being such a Shakespeare nut since my high school days. I would read Shakespeare in single volumes from Bantam Books, and at the back of the books there would be an assortment of essays by various scholars &c. My love for Oscar Wilde and H. P. Lovecraft also trigger'd my fondness for critical material, because so many of the books I read discuss'd in critical fashion Wilde's novel or plays; and at the time I became a Lovecraft nut was also the time when critical works on Lovecraft began to flow, as a prelude to full-length biographical studies. I love how the observations of other readers can illuminate a text of a story I have read a dozen times and bring forth aspects that eluded me. I discovered that I really dig writing about the writings that I adore, although I could never think of myself as any kind of scholar. So to be invited to write my wee essays for the LOVECRAFT ILLUSTRATED volumes has proved an immense delight for me.

The fact that three new volumes have now been added to the series makes me hope that even MORE volumes will eventually be presented, until we have ye majority of Lovecraft's fiction in illustrated volumes. That wou'd be a dark dream come true for this Lovecraft fan-boy.