Tuesday, January 5, 2016

A Good Year Thus Far

It has indeed been an excellent year for this writer of weird fiction. I've already had two new things accepted. In an attempt to clean ye chaos that are ye piles of papers in various rooms, I came upon a print-out of a wee sonnet sequence, "The Ghoul's Dilemma," of which I have no memory. I cannot now recall if I consider'd the thing finish'd with ye three sonnets of which it consists, or if I meant to add further sonnets; nor can I recall submitting it as is to any publication. S. T. has just accepted it for his way cool poetry journal, Spectral Realms. I am hoping to make 2016 a year of poetry--I want to write lots of it.I'm a little shy, however, about trying my hand at any form other than sonnets. I think my ghoul sonnets will be publish'd in ye 4th issue.

S. T. has a new blog up to-day www.stjoshi.org/news.html
in which he announc'd: "I am also compiling a volume entitled The Red Brain: Great Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos for Dark Regions Press. This is a kind of follow-up to A Mountain Walked, which has done surprisingly well in the paperback edition that Dark Regions issued late last year. The Red Brain will again consist of both reprinted stories and original tales, and I hope to complete the compilation as early as April of this year."  I am always delighted to write a new story for one of S. T.'s books, and it is in this forthcoming Mythos anthology that my newest original tale, "Pickman's Lazarus," will be publish'd. 

New work progresses, however slowly. David Barker and I are near ye end of writing our Dreamlands novel, and hope to have it completed by ye end of this month. I am still trying to find the "right" beginning for the new story I want to write for S. T.'s nightmare-themed anthology. I want to write a story that is slightly similar in tone and approach and use of character as my "Inhabitants of Wraithwood"; but the beginning scene that I keep returning to involves the famous painting by Henry Fuseli, "The Nightmare"--and I worry that to use that painting in the story is just a tad bit too "obvious". We shall see. It all depends in how ye idea is handled.

My best to ye, my darlings.

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