Thursday, November 12, 2015

Hullo, ducks!

Here is my new blog, in which I want to discuss Lovecraft's art and perhaps portions of his biography. The blog's title reflects my obsession with HPL and my long practice of writing short stories "in ye Lovecraft tradition"--I have now publish'd around twenty books of my own fannish Lovecraftian tales. My mania for this author does not diminish over time--just ye opposite. It has reach'd a new height with ye publication from Hippocampus Press of H. P. Lovecraft - Collected Fiction: A Variorum Edition in three handsome hardcover volumes. 

There has been more and more online chatter concerning Lovecraft, but very little of it seems to concern his actual writing. Usually, the people who are chatting about Lovecraft confess that they haven't read much of his fiction or they haven't read his work for a long time. These critics seem more concern'd with prattling on about what they see as Lovecraft's personal inadequacies and abnormalities. You won't see any of that here. We are here to discuss ye weird fiction of Lovecraft and ye ways in which it has influenced & continues to influence modern weird fiction. Any comments from Lovecraft haters who come to condemn his personal behavior or beliefs will be instantly deleted. Take your bile somewhere else.

I've been reading H. P. Lovecraft since ye early 1970's. Although I have come to adore Lovecraft scholarship, I do not wish to pose in any way as a scholar in this blog. I'm just a girl in love, and this blog will be an expression of that adoration. I am lucky in that my best friend and fellow city-dweller, S. T. Joshi, is indeed a prominent H. P. Lovecraft scholar and editor. I've done a number of YouTube videos with S. T. in which we usually discuss HPL. Here is an interesting one, touching of ye Lovecraft texts:

Okay, y'all, just wanted to introduce myself and get this thing started. I hope to be insanely active here. We have much to discuss, & much to celebrate! And, girlfriend, I'm talking lots! To-day's poft just brought me the new mailing of ye Esoteric Order of Dagon Amateur Press Association, and ye mailing by David E. Schultz lists a number of books he is working on or plans to work on, including a series of volumes of ye publish'd correspondence of Clark Ashton Smith! He also says that Hippocampus Press is interested in publishing his annotated edition of Lovecraft's commonplace book (publish'd in two chapbook volumes by Necronomicon Press many years ago) as a single trade pb volume! It was that edition of Dave's annotated commonplace book that inspir'd me to write my long prose-poem sequence, "Uncommon Places".


  1. I'm really glad to see this blog! You certainly have a lot to say about Lovecraft, and I hope you will post often.

    1. I have a lot to say. Too, I know so many people in the Lovecraft/Mythos community, and I get lots of books and things sent to me, so I can keep visitors to this blog inform'd on what is going on in all matters Lovecraftian. And--it's FUN!!